Who Am I


Hi there! My name is Chris and I’m a follower of Jesus living in Seattle. My passion is to activate a movement of technology entrepreneurship for the gospel. This means starting with the outcomes God wants to see in the world and working backwards to figure out sustainable, innovative ways to pursue them for the joy of all peoples. The following video interview best describes this passion.

I detailed more of my back story in a series titled Memoirs of a Venture Calvinist.

This passion sometimes makes it difficult to describe what I do for fun since my “free time” is likely spent coding prototype web apps, journaling by the lake, agonizing over unfulfilled dreams, repenting over repeated sins, organizing a hack-a-thon, trying to workout and settling on going for a walk in the park, watching something on Amazon Instant Video, or reading e-mail and voraciously reading interesting things in print and on the web.

I also serve on the board of the Puget Sound Association of Phi Beta Kappa to help advance the liberal arts, play violin and speak enough Indonesian to translate sermons into English, being a leader at Indonesian Presbyterian Church. Thanks for reading!


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