The Gyroscope of Faith

I really liked this line from Tim Keller’s blogpost on “How Faith Affects Our Work“:

Second, your Christian faith gives you a new spiritual power, an inner gyroscope, that keeps you from being overthrown by either success, failure, or boredom

Have you experienced the gospel’s power to drive you through the ups and downs of work and life? Reading through my journal entries this passed year, I’ve found it to be so time and time again. Indeed, it seems to be the common experience of Christians since perseverance through suffering is how the power of God is revealed in our lives. If you haven’t experienced this, trust in Jesus and you will receive the Holy Spirit who will turn every trial for your good. And if you already have, take some time to think about it and rejoice in God’s grace in your life :).

On another note, I’m sorry I haven’t consistently been writing–I’ve been pre-occupied with technical projects (using the brilliant d3.js library) and serving Christians at Amazon through our Theology of Technology discussion group. I hope to post the notes from these discussions in the coming weeks.

By Chris Lim

I'm the founder of TheoTech (, a company activating a movement of Technology Entrepreneurship for the Gospel. This means beginning with God as the Customer and working backwards to invent products that deliver outcomes He desires. I created Ceaseless ( and SPF.IO ( as two examples of this principle in action. I'd love to connect if you're passionate about using the best business and technology have to offer to advance God's Kingdom.

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