Rejoicing in Absentia

Last weekend, Ceaseless won Best Existing Code and Best Use of the Digital Bible Platform at Code for the Kingdom Bay Area.

I missed the announcement of the winners because I had to catch a flight back to Seattle. This poem describes my reaction to news of the award while waiting for the plane. You can also share in my pre-pitch anxieties in Waiting to Pitch :-).


Rejoicing in Absentia

Buzz in my pocket,
Text from a friend:
“You won two top prizes!”
Couldn’t stay to the end…

Phone calling, messaging
Could it be true?
My team didn’t tell me–
What more could I do?

My dad and I offered
Thanksgiving to God
For giving us favor
When things seemed too hard.

From nervously pitching
To waiting for plane
My heart was rejoicing
Regardless of fame.

A message came in,
The award was confirmed.
“Glory to God
For glory unearned!”

More than achievement,
This was a sign
To start making things happen
For now is the time

To reach every person
With prayer and grace
So Jesus’ name
Would be everywhere praised.

Let there be ceaseless prayer
For everyone on earth.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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Chris Lim

I'm the founder of TheoTech (, a company activating a movement of Technology Entrepreneurship for the Gospel. This means beginning with God as the Customer and working backwards to invent products that deliver outcomes He desires. I created Ceaseless ( and SPF.IO ( as two examples of this principle in action. I'd love to connect if you're passionate about using the best business and technology have to offer to advance God's Kingdom.

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