Business Changing the World at Urbana 2012


This year my sister and I are attending the Urbana Conference put on by InterVarsity. I was initially reluctant to go because I’m no longer a student, but then I learned that they have a “Business Changing the World” track and one seminar in particular which dovetailed with my interests: “High Tech Entrepreneurship 101 for the Mission-Minded” led by Silicon Valley veteran Sonny Vu.

On the Facebook Group for the track, I found links like:

And I learned that one of the big backers of this track are from my own backyard at the Center for Integrity in Business of Seattle Pacific University!

I don’t know what God has in store for me these coming weeks, but I’m already excited to discover that there are many likeminded folks out there and that I’m going to get to meet some of them soon :-).

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Thanks and happy Christmas Eve!

By Chris Lim

I'm the founder of TheoTech (, a company activating a movement of Technology Entrepreneurship for the Gospel. This means beginning with God as the Customer and working backwards to invent products that deliver outcomes He desires. I created Ceaseless ( and SPF.IO ( as two examples of this principle in action. I'd love to connect if you're passionate about using the best business and technology have to offer to advance God's Kingdom.

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